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Song Of The Day: Oasis, “Don’t Stop…”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Thursday, April 30th is “Don’t Stop…” by Oasis, a previously-unknown demo version of a rarely-known unreleased Oasis number.

Big Star: In Space (Omnivore Recordings)

The fourth and final Big Star studio album is more a curiosity than a follow-up to the band’s highly revered trilogy of albums, good in its own way but not an album that necessarily meets the overwhelming expectations caused by the anticipation of a new Big Star album.

Song Of The Day: Cave In, “Trepanning”

RIP Cave In bassist and vocalist Caleb Scofield.

Song Of The Day: The Daysleepers, “Stars On Fire”

Taken from the Clairecords release, Hide Your Eyes.

The Spinto Band: Nice And Nicely Done (Expanded Edition) (Bar/None Records)

Delaware’s The Spinto Band released one of the best albums of 2005, and one of the best bands of the short-lived “blogger band” trend. This expanded reissue offers a bonus album compiling a dozen superb b-sides, but the real winner is the charming ten-track album.

Sciflyer: The Age Of Lovely, Intimate Things (Elephant Stone)

Scifyer hailed from California and specialized in blissed-out shoegazer. Eleven years after its release, this delightful mini album is revised and expanded.

Twilight Music: The Album Leaf, “Micro Melodies” (2005)

In tonight’s installment in this week’s ongoing appreciation of The Album Leaf, we present a song found on a hard-to-find tour-only EP.

3AM Eternal: Coil, “Amber Rain” (2005)

One of the final masterpieces from the uniquely original Coil, released shortly after founding member John Balance’s sudden death.

Hammock: Kenotic (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) (Hammock Music)

The impressive debut album of Tennessee-based ambient duo Hammock sees a ten year anniversary deluxe reissue.

Twilight Music: Drums & Tuba “Magnum Opie” (2005)

This unique trio ended their career with a superior EP, with this song being its highlight.