Song Of The Day: Oasis, “Don’t Stop…”


Now THIS is A REAL treat for Oasis fans! Noel Gallagher, in the downtime caused by the pandemic, spent some time going through his archives, and in so doing found a completed demo to a song that had become a hardcore fan’s favorite. The only known recording stems from a rough soundcheck recording from their 2005 world tour, recorded in Asia and never heard since, Gallagher himself seemed to have forgotten it; considering the high quality of his work, it’s hard to imagine he didn’t think this passed muster.

Still, I can’t fault him for the excitement he has for sharing it. “Don’t Stop…” feels like classic Oasis, a powerful yet tender ballad that could easily stand the full-on band arrangement, whilst it could¬† also quite easily stand on its own. It’s a damn shame that the band won’t ever get round to doing it justice, but maybe Noel will.

Or maybe he won’t.

Whatever the case, thank you, Noel. The world needed this little jewel of a song.


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