Song Of The Day: The Soft Pink Truth, “We”

The Soft Pink Truth

Without a doubt, society needs music that will offer healing and respite from the stresses of the day, and The Soft Pink Truth have just the balm. The side project from Drew Daniel, one half of Matmos, has a new offering, the impressively titled  Shall We Go On Sinning So That Grace May Increase?.  We haven’t heard all of the record, we can’t say for sure if there’s an theological element at play. What we  can tell you is new single “We” offers up some very transcendent beats, tempered with some gorgeous gospel-style harmonies. Halfway through the track’s eight minutes, it transforms into something even more monastic sounding.

It sounds good…real good. If Daniel’s goal was to create music to counter the anger and frustration that life has thrown our way, then mission accomplished.

Purchase The Soft Pink Truth Shall We Go On Sinning So Grace May Increase?Thrill Jockey

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