Song Of The Day: Tanya Donelly, “Here Comes Your Man”

Tanya Donelly

For the past few Sundays, Tanya Donelly has posted covers of songs she loves. Last week, for example, she posted a cover of Bob Marley‘s “Three Little Birds.” Her two daughters joined her on harmony, only fitting as she sang the song to them from an early age. This week’s selection arrives as a tribute to a friend and as an amazing meta moment from her own career. Her former band, Throwing Muses, shared an interesting sibling-like bond with fellow Bostonians, The Pixies. That she’d take on one of their biggest hits makes is exciting enough; that it’s downright¬†perfect only sweetens the deal. While she doesn’t have the barbed-wire jaggedness of Black Francis, her cooing and the slightly countrified arrangement make up for it. A fine cover, and one that only whets the appetite for next week!

Tanya Donelly Sunday Series:


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