Song Of The Day: Edith Frost, “Nothing Comes Around”

Edith Frost

Holy-moly…A NEW EDITH FROST RECORD?!??!  Stop everything, we have to talk about this right now. (Sorry, America, we’ll cover you tomorrow.) Where to begin? Nothing Comes Around is the first peep anyone has heard from the wonderful singer since 2005. Quarantine boredom or a forthcoming comeback? Who knows…but then again, who cares?!?!? We need to live in the now, baby. And this now is very, very beautiful. “Nothing Comes Around” is a downcast, keyboard number that finds Frost reminiscing about her wandering spirit. In other words, it’s Edith Frost being her most Edith Frostiest, and we’re absolutely fine with that. The EP contains two superb covers of Country classics, “Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone?” (in Frost’s case, that’s a resounding YES), and “Ben Dewberry’s Final Run.”

This surprise release will certainly lift your quarantine blues, and here’s hoping this isn’t a one-off. We need Edith Frost now more than ever!

Purchase Edith Frost Nothing Comes AroundDrag City

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