Song Of The Day: David Grubbs & Nikos Veliotis, “The Harmless Dust, pt 2”

David Grubbs

 An off day in 2005 for musicians David Grubbs and Nikos Veliotis resulted in the superb composition “The Harmless Dust,” which was then released a few years later on a super-limited edition Japanese release. But impressive new Italian reissue label has seen fit to give the album a vinyl release, with each version gracing one side. The first version—recorded on cello and piano—is nice enough, but it’s the version on side two that really impressed us. Recorded on Hammond organ and e-bowed piano, it sounds positively out of this world. The drone starts off soft, but then the gentle quiet builds into something much more profound. Played loud, it’s overwhelming. Played quietly, it’s a gorgeous atmospheric piece that’s mechanical yet nuanced. However you choose to call it, the music is drop-dead gorgeous.

Purchase David Grubs & Nikos Veliotis The Harmless Dust:  Improved Sequence

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