Song Of The Day: The Daysleepers, “Stars On Fire”


New York-based shoegaze band The Daysleepers formed in 2004, and though they’re still an active band, they’ve only released a handful of highly-beloved and sought-after records; their debut album, 2008’s Drowned In The Sea Of Sound, is a rare jewel of a record, a highlight and a pillar of 21st Century Dream Pop. Their debut, Hide Your Eyes, was a self-released affair and one that has become a rarity in the years since its limited release in 2005. Label Clairecords has corrected this omission, and recently released a remastered and expanded vinyl-only version of the EP, of which “Stars On Fire” is the clear highlight, an epic nine minute dreamscape that floats in ethereal air, etc. etc. etc. This reissue is the first in a series that will return the band’s back catalogue to vinyl, as well as serve as a prelude to the band’s new album, reportedly coming this year.


Hide Your Eyes is available now from Clairecords.

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