Song Of The Day: Shadow King, “I Want You”

Shadow King was the hard rock supergroup that imploded on arrival. With the success of Damn Yankees, it’s not surprising that labels were looking to replicate that phenomenon. Thus was born Shadow King, featuring former Foreigner frontman Lou Gramm and legendary guitarist Vivian Campbell. The combination should have been a rewarding one, as their lone self-titled album was a collection of fine hard rock numbers, rounded off by a lost jewel of a hard rock radio hit, “I Want You.” But the album unfortunately arrived in 1991 when the styles were changing, and thanks to the lack of radio interest and the temptation of better offers—Campbell with Def Leppard and Gramm and bassist Bruce Turgon returning to Foreigner–resulted in the group splitting up almost immediately after the album was released. A shame, because Shadow King showed real promise.


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