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Song Of The Day: Bert Jansch, “Henry Martin”

Taken from the Superior Viaduct release, Jack Orion.

William S. Burroughs: Call Me Burroughs

This reissue of William S. Burroughs’ debut audio recording from 1965 is a rare treat, offering up the sound of a brilliant author reading from his greatest work.

Departmentstore Santas: At The Medieval Castle Nineteen 100-Year Lifetimes Since (Superior Viaduct)

The sole release of Deparmentstore Santas has become a lo-fi holy grail, and for good reason; this reissue shows that its mastermind, Joseph D’Angelo, was a talented young man with great promise.

Jon Gibson: Visitations (Superior Viaduct)

Experimental composer Jon Gibson’s solo debut composition is a dark, dense, disturbing–and oddly compelling–ambient soundscape.

Liquid Liquid: EP Reissues/Liquid Idiot-Idiot Orchestra: Self-Titled (Superior Viaduct

Though they only released three EPs and forty-three minutes of music, New York’s Liquid Liquid certainly has earned the influential title they often receive.

B.C. Gilbert/G. Lewis “3R4″/”Ends With The Sea” (Superior Viaduct)

Two of Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis’ three post-Wire 4AD experimental releases are reissued on vinyl thirty five years later…and still sound futuristic.

Alain Goraguer: La Planète Sauvage Original Soundtrack (Superior Viaduct)

The soundtrack to one of the most unique animated films of the late Twentieth Century gets a reissue, and it’s an essential listen.

Heldon – Allez-Téia (Superior Viaduct)

This reissue of French progressive-rockers Heldon sounded futuristic then, sounds contemporary today, and is an enjoyable collection of instrumental sounds.