Kaleidoscope: Kaleidoscope (Now Again Sounds)


This late 1960s psych-rock band Kaleidoscope is not to be confused with the English Kaleidoscope of the late 1960s…or the American Kaleidoscope of the late 1960s. No, what we have here is a much more potent little band. Hailing from Puerto Rico, this band’s sole album was released in Mexico in a limited edition of 200…very few of which actually sold. Shame, because this band’s sound–an interesting hybrid of The Doors, The Zombies, and The Grass Roots. In other words, it’s driving garage rock/psych rock that’s organ-driven, harmony laden, and unavoidably catchy. It’s understandable why collectors have fawned over and sought out this one–and are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for the original pressing. Finding Kaleidoscope is like finding a long-lost great rock band. The sound is raw, the songs unpolished, but the talent is there–especially on “Colours” and “Hang Out”–all soulful singing and potent keyboards and fuzzy guitars. There’s not a real bum note of the lot here; one wonders why songs like “A New Man” and “I’m Here, He’s Gone, She’s Crying” weren’t big hits. and check out “I’m Crazy,” which sounds like an odd, trippy Elvis Presley.¬† Ironically, the only time they slip is when stretch out for an eight minute Moody Blues-like psychedelic blues trip on “Once Upon A Time There Was a World.” Kudos to the labels that have reissued this lost classic, and to Now Again Sounds for making this available digitally.

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