Tom McDermott: Bambolua (Minky)



Tom McDermott is a New Orleans-based pianist who has a penchant for a sound that comes straight from the beginning of the century–the Twentieth century, that is. This collection is a sampler of the man’s varied and interesting back catalog, compiled lovingly by Van Dyke Parks, himself a respected master of such unique, vintage American sounds. McDermott, however, is a man of skilled composition; thus, classic pieces by Scott Joplin and nineteenth century New Orleans-based composer Louis Moreau Gotteschalk easily fit in with the original compositions found here. The sounds found here, then, range from jaunty barroom jazz to lazy, lackadaisical fare that’s suitable for porch lounging and liquor enjoying. Joplin’s “Heliotrope Bouquet” is an especially relaxing moment, while it’s hard to resist the shuffle of “Lost Rio” and “Santa Teresa.” Bamboula is a record that is concurrently the true sound of America past, as well as the soundtrack to a mythical, romantic American experience.

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