3AM Eternal: Ateleia and Benjamin Curtis “Baghdad Batterie” (2008)

baghdad batterie

We are still quite saddened about the passing of our friend and uber-talented musician Benjamin Curtis. He was a man of many musical moods and talents–he made punk, psychedelic-rock, dreamy electronica and pop, and had a penchant for classic rock as well.

This collaborative work was released in 2008 on Table Of The Elements as part of a one-sided 12″ vinyl series, focusing on musicians and composers experimenting on their guitars. For this release, which was the third installment, Curtis teamed up with friend and School of Seven Bells collaborator James Elliott. It’s a different sort of release for Curtis; it’s a thirteen-minute noise piece, based upon a pulsating rhythm and Curtis’s guitar work. It’s loud and yet it’s compelling; the circular rhythms drawing the listener in, the beats stimulating the heartbeats, and the guitar work shimmery and sublime. Enjoy.

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