The Fourmyula: Inside The Hutt–New Zealand’s Pop-Psych Kingpins 1968-1969 (RPM)


The Fourmyula was a Beatles-inspired pop band from the tiny nation of New Zealand, and it’s easy to understand why they had a brief, fleeting taste of fame and success–they had excellent songwriting chops, and with their songs led by vocalist Carl Evenson, the band possessed a quality that was never hampered by the obscurity that sadly met them. This collection compiles many of their singles and choice LP tracks, many of which were recorded in London at Abbey Road.¬† Arranged chronologically, one hears the maturation of the band; early records blend rock and blues in a style that, aside from the obvious Fab Four comparisons, is really reminiscent of early Badfinger. The upbeat songs are quite rhythmic and catchy, and songs like “I Dig You Act” and “Tell Me No Lies” possess a quick, immediate feel that feels like a live performance. They had a mellower side, too; “Come With Me” is a heartbreakingly love song. As time passed, the band matured in sound; “Bang On Harry” and “My Mama George” are rockers in the vein of The Kinks and The Small Faces. The final song on the compilation, “Fun,” released in 1969, highlights a band at the peak of its power–strong, heavy blues-rock that would soon become in vogue. Unfortunately, the band would split prematurely, just as they were hitting their creative stride. It’s a tragic loss; the music found on Inside The Hutt proves that The Fourmyula were a band that had great potential, and are worth seeking out for those who are fans of the pop-psych genre.

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  1. I would concur and add the presence of a little of the power The Pretty Things S.F. Sorrow, early Procol Harum and also some of the early Bee Gees.

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