3AM Eternal: John Frusciante: DC EP (2004)



In 2004, On-again/off-again Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante took on an ambitious project: to release six records in one year’s time. Almost all of them were solo affairs, with Frusciante showing off his songwriting skills and instrumental acumen. Surprisingly, all of those releases are high-quality, no-filler records.

The best of the lot is DC EP, the result of a quickie recording session in Washington DC, with Fugazi leader Ian MacKaye in the producer’s chair.¬† The four songs are stripped-down rock numbers (often just electric guitar and drums), and Frusciante’s amazingly soulful singing. “Dissolve” highlights his powerful falsetto, while the double-tracked harmonies on “A Corner” make it sound like a long-lost Chili Peppers demo. The other two numbers, “Repeating” and “Goals,” both follow the formula of the other two.

While Frusciante’s released a lot of solo work, this little four-song number stands as one of his finest.



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