3AM Eternal: Paul McCartney: McCartney (1970)



The solo album shot heard ’round the world. The album appeared almost overnight, to the surprise of the world, and heralded the death of The Beatles. Considering the songwriting and arranging  of his Beatles work, McCartney felt like a bit of a disappointment. It was still a moderately successful record, but reviews were not kind.

The negative reaction was due in part to what felt like a dearth of material, yet in retrospect, McCartney is a warm album, a blend of instrumental passages and simple, unpretentious, heartfelt songs. “Maybe I’m Amazed” and “Junk” are downbeat but beautiful; McCartney had certainly not lost his touch, even if some felt like “Hot As Sun” and “Valentine Day” were unnecessary, Recorded at home and on the sly, McCartney was a stealth release, a gem of a solo album, and a rebirth for a man who had tired of his persona and of being a Beatle.


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