3AM Eternal: Climax Blues Band “Couldn’t Get It Right” (1976)

couldnt get it right

Isn’t it funny how a band can establish its style and sound, and then, in the spirit of doing something completely different, wind up having a career-defining hit? So it was for British-based blues-rockers Climax Blues Band, a group that started out as a straight up Chicago blues/jug band group, morphing into a heavy, hard blues-rock band. This little outing, taken from their album Gold Plated, found the group experimenting with a disco-style rock groove…and wound up giving them their biggest hit, one that’s regularly played on radio stations thirty-eight years later.

Anomalous as it may have been, it’s an endearing song, and one that I always turn up whenever it comes on the radio.  Enjoy!

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