Further: Where Were You Then? 1991-1997 (Bad Paintings)


It’s hard not to ignore the quiet genius of LA-based Further. Borne out of the ashes of ill-fated (and painfully underrated) major-label band Shadowland, Further started out in 1990, just as that whole “indie rock” thing started taking off. Founded by brothers Brent and Darren Rademaker, they then set out on a prolific course, releasing a ton of singles and a handful of albums. They would later morph into Beachwood Sparks, a more psychedelic-country affair.

Where Were You Then? compiles a handful—though sadly not all—of the band’s single sides. Early singles—most notably 1992’s “Over and Out” and “Generic 7”—reveal and revel in a sound that’s unmistakably inspired by Dinosaur Jr. Over time, the band would hone their sound into something a bit more original; 1995’s “Springfield Mods” features a nice keyboard and a soothing, mellow dance beat. Never one to deny their influences, by the band’s end, they were masterfully writing wonderful melodic, Neil Young-like songs; dig on their final EP’s  opening number, “Be That As It May,” which is easily the best song in this batch, and one of the finer 90s indie-rock songs you’ve never heard.

While it’d be nice to have a complete compilation of the band’s excellent singles, this does quite well in filling that void. Here’s to Further finally getting its due, and here’s to more mining of this band’s excellent discography.

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