3AM Eternal: The Pandoras “Run Down Love Battery” (1988)

The Pandoras began life as a fun, raucous punk-rock band. Fronted by the charismatic Paula Piercethe band released some great records and received positive reviews and critical acclaim. Pierce, who wanted to be the rock star she believed herself to be, would sign the band to Elektra, which would prove to be a fatal mistake. The label transformed their punk-rock roots into something not unlike Poison. Their album never came out, but a six-song EP entitled Rock Hard was released in 1988, featuring the best of the sessions. It was a shock to hear, and the band never really regained its footing.

Even with its metal sheen, “Run Down Love Battery” is actually a high-quality metal song, even if the song totally doesn’t sound like everything they did before. Also good is this song, “Close Behind,” which sounds like The Bangles‘ album Everything, which was released in 1988 as well. The rest of the record? Well, I’ll let you make that call.

Sadly, the band would come to a premature end when Pierce died suddenly in 1991. By that time, the band had come to an end, with guitarist Kim Shattuck going on to form The Muffs with former bandmate Melanie Vammen.

Note: If you’d like to read a hilarious history of The Pandoras, check out the latest print issue of Big Takeover magazine, which features a laugh riot of an interview with me and Kim Shattuck!  

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