England’s Glory: “City Of Fun” c/w “Shattered Illusion” (HoZac Archives)


Now this is a bit of a surprise. England’s Glory was the short-lived New York-inspired proto-punk band by Peter Perrett, the enigmatic poet, songwriter, and frontman for The Only Ones. This band existed only briefly in the early 1970s, not releasing any material at the time, but they did record quite a bit, much of which has seen release over the years. This single precedes HoZac’s forthcoming reissue of the England’s Glory material, and as it stands, it is an excellent sample of what made that band great.

And what did make the band great? Perrett’s love of Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground. Both songs sound as if they were stolen from Reed’s notebooks; “City of Fun” has a bit of a blues vibe to it that is quite enjoyable, while “Shattered Illusion” is a quick, fast attack. Perrett’s voice is perfectly laconic, a stoned vibe that sounds good…sounds real good, if you ask me.

Can’t wait to hear the rest of that material, because if it’s as good as these two tracks, then that is a record you’ll definitely need to seek out.

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