3AM Eternal: Foreigner “Say You Will” (1987)


“Say You Will” was the first single from Foreigner‘s last successful album, Insider Information. It was stylistically distinct from the band’s FM-minded AOR rock, in that its production was distinctively of its time, featuring drum machines and keyboards, a sound more New Wave than Rock. (It sounds an awful lot like Cutting Crew, truth be told.) It was still a hit, of course; a rock juggernaut like them still retained its fans, even as their music became increasingly slick and radio friendly. This stylistic shift would soon tear Foreigner asunder, with the band splitting, and distinctive lead singer Lou Gramm setting out on a solo career. Gramm would return a few years later, and the band would record an album, Mr. Moonlight, but the glory days were definitely over. 

That being said, it’s still a great song.

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