3AM Eternal: Everything But The Girl “The Only Living Boy In New York” (1993)


This lovely cover by Everything But The Girl does justice to the Simon & Garfunkel classic. Recorded as a bonus track to their 1993 Greatest Hits package Home Movies, the label insisted that they make a video. Being against the idea, they opted to make an anti-video with notable filmmaker Hal Hartley. The resulting video was humorous yet quite visually stimulating; their song would be a minor hit, and it seemed to be a perfect song to wrap up one’s career, which seemed all but at its end.

If only they knew how wrong they were…

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  1. Really beautiful.. And a great choice. Indeed, this may be a top 3 S&G song, for me. This cover is remarkable in its meticulousness; it’s almost as if they dubbed vocals over the original. Especially during those angelic choir parts.

    I can’t think of another act I’d rather see reunite for one more record.

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