3AM Eternal: The Buoys, “Timothy” (1971)


The most effective method of conveying horror isn’t in gore and violence—though there’s something to be said for that—but through psychological methods. Sometimes the most violent people are ones who look completely normal, those you would not expect to do such vile, horrific things. That’s true with the song by Pennsylvania one-hit wonders The Buoys, who had a hit in 1971 with the song “Timothy.” On the surface, it’s a fast-tempo upbeat rocker, but when you start to dive into the lyrics…watch out. 

The band, well aware of the rumors, coyly addressed the unspoken topic by printing a letter to the band written from a young girl on the 1972 single repress, which is printed here:

timothy back

 Opinions differ, but I firmly believe that yes, it is about that.

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