Twilight Music: Stephen W. Tayler, “At The Edge of Light” (A Recoup Exclusive)


We are delighted to offer you an exclusive track for tonight’s segment of Twilight Music. Over the weekend, I received a copy of Ostinato, the debut album from Stephen W. Tayler, out now via Esoteric Antenna. You might not know his name, but there’s a very good chance you’ve heard something he has had a hand in. His production credits stretch back to well over 40 years, working with a diverse array of talents, including Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, and Tina Turner.

Ostinato is a quiet, gentle affair, an exercise in the exploration of ambient sound, and one that thankfully is not sonically monochromatic, as he does incorporate gentle, tasteful beats in between the more solemn, hushed numbers. My personal favorite is the one I am sharing with you this evening, “At The Edge of Light.” It’s a piano-based number that is heavily reminiscent of the work of Harold Budd, and I think you will enjoy it.  I know I do.

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