3AM Eternal: Paul McCartney & Wings “My Love” (1973)


Even during the nadir of his solo career, Paul McCartney was capable of churning out wonderful, classic tunes. Considering that in the previous year, his new band Wings had released a mediocre protest tune (“Give Ireland Back To The Irish”) followed almost immediately by a recording of “Mary Had A Little Lamb,” and that the previous single, “Hi Hi Hi” had been only a minor hit, name recognition did not guarantee sales or success.

“My Love,” however, took the glimmer of hope offered by the previous single and helped to turn the tide for the band. Sure, the album it came from, Red Rose Speedway, is generally considered the band’s worst effort–its stoned humor tried even the biggest fans’ resolve–this song, a mellow, somewhat R&B number, proved to his critics that he was still capable of producing beautiful, universally-loved classic pop tunes.  Considering the crap to classic ratio of the time, one could almost make a case that “My Love” was an exercise by a former Beatle with something to prove.

Prove it he did; 1973 would be a pivotal year for Paul. Success with his James Bond theme “Live and Let Die,” coupled with the band’s third album, Band On The Runwould make that year his most successful to date.

That the song went to the top of both Rock and Easy Listening charts should tell you something, though I’ll leave it to you to come up with what that might be…

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