Podcast: buncha new crap #1

Eureka California, “Sign My Name With An X” Imagine taking a strand of DNA from every band I liked between 1994 and 1998, and that’s what you’ve got here.  (HHBTM Records)

Sunflower Bean “Easier Said” Pretty dream-pop from a talented young trio, it’ll cool your hot heart with its chilled rock groove.” (Fat Possum)

New Age Healers “Shadows vs. Los Angeles” I like it. ’nuff said.  (New Age Healers)

Young Moon, ”Colt” Country rock by dudes who probably own every ELO album. (Western Vinyl)

Erich Bachmann “Mercy”  You see what we did there? (You gotta listen closely to get that one.) (Merge Records)

50FOOTWAVE “God’s Not A Dick” He sure isn’t. (HHBTM Records)

The High Violets “Dum Dum” Don’t be one; jump in and dig the mood, baby. (Saint Marie Records)

Popincourt “The First Flowers Of Spring” It’s like Eric Matthews meeting Tahiti 80….again.  (Jigsaw Records)

Flying Circles “Til The World Turns Over” You’re not fully clean until you’re blissfully clean. (Antiquated Future)

The Veldt “A Token” These masters of dream-pop are back again. They integrated and innovated shoegaze twenty years ago. (Leonard Skully Records)

Corespondents “Hasenpfeffer” The sons of Friends of Dean Martinez. So modern sounding that I didn’t realize it was released in 2014.  (Antiquated Future)

Jimbo Mathus “Gringo Man” New song from an old hand who makes old music sound new again and vice versa. (Big Legal Mess)

Witching Waves “Seeing Double” Bliss-rock is the thing in twenty sixteen, so here’s some more of it for you. Please enjoy it. Thanks. (HHBTM Records)

John Congleton and the Nighty Nite “Put Your Teeth In”  Wonderfully freaky and dark disturbing stuff, this. It’s John Congleton, after all.  (Fat Possum)

Sorority Noise “XC” Dark folk that will make you say, “hey, he sounds just like ____!” (sidebar: please do remember that said obvious influence is spelled with two T’s) (Topshelf Records)

School of Seven Bells “Open Your Eyes”  RIP Benny B. You left us with a wonderful album. (Vagrant Records)

Nervous Curtains “The Visitors” Closing out with a wonderful cover of ABBA’s last great hit. (Dreamy Life Records)

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