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EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE: American Culture, “Pedals”

We are pleased to bring you the exclusive world premiere of “Pedals,” the brand new video from American Culture’s third album, For My Animals.

EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE: The Flatmates, “(If You are Gonna Live Your Life for a Lost Cause Then) Why Can’t It Be Love?”

We are extremely proud to present you this exclusive first listen to a fantastic album track taken from Bristol indie-pop legends The Flatmates, taken from their debut album, The Flatmates.

Albums Of Note 2019: Wesdaruler: Ocean Drive (HHBTM)

Athens, Georgia’s experimental hip-hop producer Wesdaruler delivered Ocean Drive, his debut album proper. It’s a gorgeous, mellow sonic trip, that requires little effort on the listener’s part and offers a great little chill-out.

Exclusive First Listen: Fred Schneider & The Superions, “Real Scary Halloween Story”

We’re pleased to bring you an exclusive first listen to a new track from the legendary Fred Schneider, a scary Halloween tale that should serve as a warning to you meddling kids. Enjoy!

WORLD PREMIERE: WesdaRuler, “Loseit4tonite”

We are extremely thrilled to give you an exclusive first listen from one of the best albums slated for release this fall–the enigmatic yet utterly engaging Ocean Drive from Athens, Georgia’s WesdaRuler. But we’ve got an extra special treat for you as well–not only do we feature one of the album’s best songs, but we also feature a previously-unheard version of that song, taken from an extremely limited edition cassette available only with the first copies of the album. Give it a listen, and be prepared to be impressed!

WORLD PREMIERE: Magnapop, “Need To Change”

We are EXTREMELY excited to bring you the world premiere of “Need To Change,” the first track from Georgia rock veterans Magnapop’s newest album, The Circle Is Round.

Song Of The Day: Rat Fancy, “Making Trouble”

Taken from the HHBTM Records release, Stay Cool.

Song Of The Day: Tullycraft, “Has Your Boyfriend Lost His Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight?”

Taken from the HHBTM Records release, The Railway Prince Hotel.

Song Of The Day Exclusive: Marshmallow Coast, “Memory Girl”

We are proud to offer you an exclusive new excerpt from Marshmallow Coast, taken from the HHBTM release, Memory Girl.

Song Of The Day: Eureka California, “Time After Time After Time After Time”

Taken from the HHBTM Records release, Roadrunners.