WORLD PREMIERE: Magnapop, “Need To Change”


We at The Recoup are extremely proud and excited to give you the first taste from The Circle Is Round, the first widely-availabe album in fourteen years from 90s Alt-Rock darlings Magnapop. You may remember them from their classic hit “Open The Door,” or their fantastic albums Hotboxing and Rubbing Doesn’t Help. But even though they took a break as the alt-rock boom waned, they never really went away; they would release new records on their own time, and would spend time in mainland Europe, where they were and are still highly regarded. In fact, shortly after the album’s release, they’ll be flying overseas to tour the Benelux region.



As for The Circle Is Round–available September 27th via HHBTM Records— it’s as if they never went away. They’ve not lost any of their potency and vital spark, sass, or pop; just one listen to “Need To Change” positively glistens with the pop-rock goodness you’ve come to expect.

Please enjoy “Need To Change.” We’re sure you will.

Preorder Link: Magnapop, The Circle Is Round.

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