Song Of The Day: Cave In, “Winter Window”

The death of Cave In bassist and founding member Caleb Scofield in a car accident last year brought the story of one of the better metal bands of the new millennium to a sudden fork in the road: continue or retire. For the time being, the band has chosen the former. Utilizing demos they had recorded a few weeks before the accident, the band pulled together in the face of such loss and their new album pays tribute to their fallen colleague. Final Transmission isn’t a macabre exercise; it is as strong as any of their previous albums, and the title belongs to a beautiful acoustic instrumental Scofield recorded hours before his death. One of the album’s best numbers–and the entire album is equally good—is “Winter Window,” a powerful, heavy rock number accentuated with frontman Steven Brodsky‘s always sweet melodic vocals. While the future of the band is uncertain–they are touring this fall, but after that nothing seems to be set in stone–this record serves a duel purpose. If it be their final record, it is a fine one; if not, it is an excellent tribute to their lost brother.

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