Song Of The Day Exclusive: Marshmallow Coast, “Memory Girl”



Andy Gonzales has been making music as Marshmallow Coast for the better part of two decades, and is an integral and beloved member of the Elephant 6 family. His latest album, Memory Girl, is a mature exploration of love and longing, with him exploring these concepts through a chilled out 21st-century bedroom pop, with just a hint of Yacht Rock. We instantly fell in love with the title track, a dreamy sonic exploration that is blissful and beautiful.

“I bought a Memory Boy pedal, which is a chorus and delay pedal, “It makes everything dreamy. I wanted to use ‘girl’ as a play on that. This is a personal song of meeting someone and falling in love. This song is supposed to be like a relaxing dream.”

“Gee,” Gonzales says with a laugh, “I feel like Taylor Swift!”

Memory Girl will be released November 9th via HHBTM Records.

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