Exclusive First Listen: Fred Schneider & The Superions, “Real Scary Halloween Story”

We absolutely adore the music of Fred Schneider, and we’re excited to share with you a new track from his band The Superions!  With Hallowe’en just around the corner, he’s got the soundtrack for your night o’fright. The song we’re presenting you today finds “Unkie Fred” telling a fun and amusingly scary tale of a bizarre killer, and we’re sure it will leave a smile on your face for days.

“Real Scary Halloween Story” is the b-side to a brand new vinyl 45 from our friends at HHBTM. The a-side to the single is a physical release of an absolutely wonderful release from a few years ago, a delightfully danceable tale of horror known as “Bat Baby.” If you’ve not seen it, they produced an absolutely amazing short film for it, a B-Movie romp that would make Ed Wood, Jr more than a little envious. Trust us; you’ll love it!


And what, pray tell, is your favorite memory of Halloween, Fred?

“As soon as the school bus door opened, I’d run like a bat out of hell to get my costume on. And with two shopping bags ready I’d run from house to house in every nearby neighborhood to Trick or Treat. The sooner the better, especially if there was a choice of candy bars. The danger of razor blades in apples? Who wanted a friggin’ apple??!!”

Fred provided this meme for us, and how could we disagree?



Order the gorgeous single here, but do so quickly: like Bat Baby, it’s flying off the shelf!


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