Song Of The Day: Jim James & Teddy Abrams & Louisville Orchestra, “Back To The End Of The World”

Though things have been quiet on the My Morning Jacket front, their illustrious leader Jim James has been a very busy fellow. Last year, he gathered with the Louisville Orchestra–under the leadership of Teddy Abrams–and staged a performance that consisted of new material and reinterpretations of numerous solo work. The fruits of this collaboration are now seeing the light of day on a new album entitled The Order Of Nature. One of the most impressive numbers is “Back To The End Of The World,”  an amazing hybrid of 50s-era pop production with a contemporary flare–and a Theremin–to create a dark, bombastic, and simply delightful song that recalls Elvis Presley at his biggest and best, while sounding totally original in the process. It’s certainly a sound to be heard, and we hope you click on the link below to be impressed by this amazing, unique song.


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