Song Of The Day: Derrick Anderson, “Happiness”

derrick anderson

The “Power Pop” genre often suffers from an overwhelming case of mediocrity; I once joked that it’s often 40-year old gainfully-employed guys with every record by The Beatles, Badfinger, and The Raspberries and thinking, “I can do that, too!”* Unfair, I know, because every so often a band or an artist comes along and breathes new life into the genre. Such is the case with Derrick Anderson. You might not know his name, but he’s been playing for years, working as a touring and session musician for The Bangles, and has been a fixture in the LA rock scene for decades. But he’s just now getting around to releasing his debut solo album, A World Of My Own, and it’s a corker of 60s Sunshine Pop, 70s Power Pop, and a hint of 80s Paisley Underground. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he has a pool of incredible talent helping him out, including members of The Bangles, The Cowsills, The Muffs, and the always delightful Matthew Sweet. Almost every song on A World Of My Own is a keeper–I dig “Something New” and “When I Was Your Man,” but I’m quite fond of “Happiness,” its upbeat and catchy melody, its simple message, and its succinctness.  This isn’t Power Pop; it’s powerful pop.

A World Of My Own will be released this Friday via Omnivore Recordings.

*Painful admission: I first made that joke two decades ago.

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  1. I pretty much abandoned power pop at the end of the 90s for the same reason you mention above. But I too have been captivated by Anderson’s new album. It didn’t make a big impression on first spin, but subsequent spins revealed a great balance of craft, hooks and heart.

    • I totally agree–this record really caught me by surprise, and has a wonderful vibe that reminds me of The Posies and Jellyfish. That it had some of my favorite musicians on it from The Muffs and The Bangles and The Cowsills only made it a sweeter plum!

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