Song Of The Day: His Name Is Alive, “How Ghosts Affect Relationships”

black wings

We’ve been big, big fans of His Name Is Alive for a long, long time, and one of the trends of the band’s leader Warren Defever is to revisit older recordings with the latest iteration of his band, and one of the “hits” he revisits is “How Ghosts Affect Relationships.” Originally released on the band’s official debut album Livonia, there are lots of great versions out there–my favorite being the string orchestra version released in 2004 on the Livonia Strings album. This version, recorded during the sessions for their latest album, Patterns of Light, is a gorgeous psychedelic instrumental take, twice as long and quadruple the beauty! It can be found on the band’s recent release Black Wings, which contains outtakes, demos, and other good stuff taken from the album sessions.

Black Wings is available via His Name Is Alive.

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