Song Of The Day: Cheer-Accident, “Imminence”


We first stumbled upon Chicago-based experimental noise-rockers Cheer-Accident back in the early 90s, playing a very loud show in a sandwich shop/laundromat/punk club/dope gallery, and we were transfixed by the utter weirdness and randomness of their angular, weird sounds, a collective of weird people led by head visionary Thymme Jones. Jump ahead twenty-five years and we’re still transfixed by them, as their forthcoming record, Putting Off Death, is their first record after a long six-year hiatus, and it is a fascinating, beguiling collection. It doesn’t hurt that their lead single, “Imminence,” is a gorgeous stunning pop number, reminiscent of His Name Is Alive, thanks to the alluring vocals of Carmen Armillas. The album will drop next Friday via Cuneiform Records, but check out “Imminence” and be prepared to enjoy a welcome return from a band who has always defied (and still does!) easy classification.

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