Song Of The Day: A Shoreline Dream, “The Heart Never Recovered”

It’s been several years since last we heard the dreamy sounds of Colorado’s A Shoreline Dream; they first impressed us many moons ago with their debut album, Avoiding The Consequences. Their newest release, “Room For The Others,” is part of a perpetual project of streaming single and b-side releases that comes both in lieu of–and in advance of–the band’s next album. They’ve released a handful of songs over the past few months, and my personal fave would have to be “The Heart Never Recovered,” a delicious blast of oddly detached sentimentality, a nostalgic declaration drenched in haze and fuzz and intoxicants. Video’s gorgeous, too.


Their new single, “Room For The Others,” can be heard here:

Room For The Others is available now via Latenight Weeknight Records.



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