Song Of The Day: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, “Action In The Streets”

Vintage-era Bruce Springsteen shows are rightfully treasured by those who know his work; they capture a young, hungry, and raucous band that is giving nothing less than 110%, and the music is often quite stunning. That’s why the discovery of the first two shows of his 1977 tour, recorded in Albany and Rochester, New York, is such a find: no one knew these tapes existed–or anything from that particular live jaunt–and these shows had never circulated. The highlight of the pair is the superb rare jewel “Action In The Streets,” an up-tempo rocker replete with an amazing performance from the Miami Horns. The song would be a live favorite–yet after this tour, he abandoned the song, and Springsteen would never record or release a studio version. One listen makes you wonder just¬†why he let this one fall by the wayside.

Action In The Streets ’77 is available from the Bruce Springsteen Live Archives.

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