Song Of The Day: Bro. Valentino, “Ah Wo (Brand New Revolution)”

German label Analog Africa has been releasing some amazing music from the obscurest musical scenes, and their latest 12″ release, by Trinidad & Tobago calypso musician Bro. Valentino, is simply a scorcher. An obscure figure, Valentino’s records trade for insane amounts of money, and for good reason–they are simply jaw-droppingly, mind-bendingly wonderful. The winner is the flip side, from 1980, which shows that heavily political, revolutionary music need not be enjoyable, as this long, ten-minute groover blends traditional Caribbean music with more contemporary sounds–including a nice Disco-minded groove–and the result is a song that will have you captivated from the first second and will have you hitting repeat nearly eleven minutes later. The A-side, “Stay Up Zimbabwe,” is fine as well, but this particular song is magical. 

Stay Up Zimbabwe is available now via Analog Africa.

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