Song Of The Day: Curve, “Ten Little Girls”

In 1990, former State of Play guitarist Dean Garcia and vocalist Toni Halliday reunited as the duo Curve. The band would meld the contemporary sounds of darker alternative rock with a pop sensibility, resulting in a sound that was pure coolness. It was obvious from their debut EP, Blindfold, that the band had struck upon a unique formula. “Ten Little Girls” was their introduction to the world, and a stunning one at that; their debut album, Doppelgänger, and its follow-up, Cuckoo, have both been remastered and expanded by 3 Loop Music, and now one can get all of the music the then-prolific group had to offer, and one will be surprised at the high quality level to be found therein; though their career would falter shortly, the early years were a quite promising time.

Doppelgänger and Cuckoo are available now from 3 Loop Music.


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