Song Of The Day: Atomic Opera, “Blackness”

Houston, Texas has a legacy of heavy metal and hard rock, and one of the more obscure entries into the band’s vast musical history is Atomic Opera. Formed in the early 90s, the band played gritty heavy metal with a hint or two of blues rock and alternative, fitting nicely alongside fellow Texas bands Pantera and The Toadies. They released one album, For Madmen Only, via major label Giant Records, but then quietly disappeared into the underground. A shame, because For Madmen Only was a fun, enjoyable record–produced by legendary Houston producer Sam Taylor–and one that was a bit deeper than a lot of the fare of the era, as the band was a bit of a Christian rock group, if not always overtly; frontman Frank Hart has since become a pastor of a popular contemporary church. Whether or not they wore their faith on their sleeve, it matters not; For Madmen Only offered up some great Texas rock, and “Blackness” was always a particular fave. Newly reissued by Rock Candy RecordsFor Madmen Only is an album worthy of rediscovery.

For Madmen Only is available now via Rock Candy Records.

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