Song Of The Day: Xander Harris, “Stranger Danger”

I’ve previously written about the predicament of my friend Justin, who trades as Xander Harris debilitating accident which has waylaid him. In order to raise funds–and to not waste ideas while he is recuperating from his broken collarbone––he made the decision to release the incomplete album he was working on at the time of his accident, provisionally titled Villains Of Romance. Even though the album is by no means complete in his eyes, it’s still a cohesive, enjoyable listen. Furthermore, the sound eschews the more epic, atmospheric soundtrack vibe of recent records, and is more groove laden in a way that recalls his earlier releases.  While I enjoy the whole lot, I’m a particular fan of “Stranger Danger,” a blast of superb dance floor EBM of a quality not heard since the better portions of 1987’s Wax Trax release schedule. Remember, all sales of this and other Xander Harris material go to directly help the artist in his time of need. So not only are you getting some good music, you’re helping a good cause, too.

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