Song Of The Day: “Six Impossible Things”


As I have stated here before, I have been waylaid buy a serious injury and not able to do all that much. Having spent the first month watching lots of DVDs and movies, that activity quickly grew tiresome. So in order to seek out something new, I decided to spend some time listening to BBC Radio plays, and much to my delight I have found many enjoyable treats, and I am most happy to share them with you over the next few weeks.

What happens when one gives himself over to the control of another person? Is it possible for that person to mentally control and manipulate them into performing actions they might not consciously agree to, or even be aware that they are performing? If such is the case, and one knowingly allows another into their cognitive headspace, is that person complicit in the actions another person has programmed them to perform––and is the programmer himself guilty of whatever crime that individual may commit? It’s an interesting thought, if not a disturbing one; listen to this compelling and psychologically thrilling drama, written by Glen Neath and performed in 2010.

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