Song Of The Day: Jonathan Fire*Eater, “The Search For Cherry Red”


We were absolutely stunned yesterday upon learning of the sudden death of Stewart Lupton, the former lead singer of 1990s New York City band Jonathan Fire*Eater.  Though their existence was brief, it was influential; they are generally credited as one of the seminal bands of the post-9/11 NYC Rock scene. Their music was dark, sexy, and utterly, utterly cool. Unfortunately, the band was very volatile, and though they had signed to major label DreamWorks, they imploded shortly after the release of their major label debut album, 1997’s Wolf Songs for Lambs.   “The Search For Cherry Red” was the lead song on their 1996 EP Tremble Under Boom Lights, and is easily one of the best songs of that era.


Stewart Lupton was 43 years old.

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