Song Of The Day: Alice Cooper, “School’s Out”

The arrival of Memorial Day means one thing: it’s the unofficial start of summer. It also means that school is out for summer, promising new adventures for the young people of the world. For some, it means the end of schooling as they know it. For others, it means the removal of a structure in their lives they will miss. (If you are old, your results may vary.) It also means it’s time to blast a classic heavy metal anthem, courtesy of Alice Cooper (the band, not the dude). Because of its universal nature it has never lost its power, and still sounds anthemic and wonderful four decades since its release. The album from which it comes also boasts one of the most creative and clever album covers of the decade. Most of all, it’s just good clean dirty rock’n roll fun, the perfect number to launch the vacation season.

If you’re stuck in summer school and not by choice, it kind of sucks to be you…

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