Song Of The Day: Eureka California, “Time After Time After Time After Time”

Veteran Athens indie rockers Eureka California’s discography reveals a hard-working duo that has released a steady stream of crunchy indie rock for the past decade, with each subsequent record building and expanding on the best qualities of its predecessor. Their 2016 album Versus brought them wider critical attention, and they have not failed to deliver on that album’s promise. Roadrunners continues that trend, while adding a darker, more nuanced approach to their sound. This is best heard on their fantastic song, “Time After Time After Time After Time,” which sounds like 1981 New Order covering 1991 Superchunk and vice versa for a limited edition Black Friday Record Store Day split single the powers that be will never allot to your local record store. But hey, screw that, you can find such awesomeness and more on this wonderful new record, and you don’t even have to starve for a few weeks to pay a flipper for a piece of plastic that’s killing the music industry.

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