Song Of The Day: Geniuser, “Can I Can”

It has been way, way too long since last we heard the distinctive voice of Michael Allen, former front man of 4AD stalwarts The Wolfgang Press. Geniuser, a project he formed with Danish artist Giuseppe De Bellis, is set to release their second album, I am. .”Can I Can,” their most recent single, is an amazingly dark piece of music, with Allen reciting a litany of grievances over a hypnotic electronic tribal rhythm made even darker by the subtle tones of a sample of Samuel Barber‘s masterpiece, Angus Dei. It’s the soundtrack of a soul’s arm outstretched from a freshly dug grave and futilely grasping for a Heavenly paradise denied them. In other words, it is dark, dark, dark.

And we wouldn’t want it any other way…

I Am is available now for preorder from PledgeMusic.

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