Song Of The Day: I See Hawks In L.A., “Singing In The Wind”

We were quite chuffed to learn of the forthcoming album from long-running Los Angeles-based roots rockers¬†I See Hawks In L.A., for whom we developed an affinity back at the turn of the millennium. We loved their first two albums, but seemingly they fell off our radar. They kept going though, and their first new record in five years, Live And Never Learn, is an excellent place to pick up this relationship. Like a fine whiskey, the band has aged exceptionally well; their keen sense of humor and wistful take on life is wonderfully enhanced with a deft production hand, resulting in a lush and intoxicating sound. Nowhere is this better heard than on “Singing In The Wind,” which recounts lead singer Rob Waller‘s reflection on life after visiting an ancient church cemetery. It is mighty pretty…mighty pretty indeed, So welcome back to an old friend of a band, and if you haven’t made their acquaintance, right now is a real good time to start.


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