Song Of The Day: Max Richter, “On The Nature Of Daylight (Orchestral Version)”

Modern classical composer Max Richter first came to the world’s attention with his 2004 album and symphonic suite, The Blue Notebooks. Written in 2003, the piece was an unsettling one that dealt with his frustrations and fears on the eve of the invasion of Iraq, why also invoking the spirit of Franz Kafka, which was read by Tilda Swindon. To celebrate the 15 year anniversary of its composition, he has released an expanded edition of the record, including a second disc of remixes and alternate takes. The highlight of this set is a new orchestral Version of the song “On the Nature Of Daylight.” The number was used as the theme song for the fantastic 2016 movie Arrival, and this fully orchestrated version appeared as the b-side to a twelve inch single release of the number in conjunction with the soundtrack. Fully fleshed out, this new arrangement is lush and beautiful, yet adding a sophisticated depths of despair and melancholy. Richter has become a go to guy for soundtracks, and it’s easy understand why; he is a master of mood.

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