Song Of The Day: Buxton, “This Place Reminds Me Of You”

When I received the email stating that Texas band Buxton had released the video to “This Place Reminds Me Of You,” the first single for their just-announced third album,Stay Out Late–released October 19th via New West–I simply couldn’t wait to tell you about it and share it with you. Having fallen down a Buxton rabbit hole last week, the news was especially welcome. Yours truly had written a blurb about the group for the print guide to the Athens Popfest  taking place this week in Athens. Georgia, and in said blurb I said I couldn’t wait to hear their third album––not knowing one was coming. Anyway, that said, this is a hazy, mellow, melancholic number that is reflective and introspective in a way I really, really like–swatches of country blended with a psychedelic edge, but not too heavy, either. In the press release it states they were listening to a lot of Talk Talk, and while that influence isn’t overt on this number, it does make me excited to hear the rest of the album. So enjoy this, and after you do, go fall down your own Buxton rabbit hole on Spotify or wherever you stream or buy music.

And if you happen to be in Athens on Thursday night, go catch them opening for Guided By Voices at The Georgia Theatre. You’ll be glad you did.


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