Song Of The Day: Now, “No Free Will”


I heard this song on Connecticut radio station WPKN this weekend, instantly fell in love with it, and couldn’t wait to write about it. Allen Childs‘ songwriting project Now just released their debut EP, Now or Never. Childs’ writing style is confessional, yet for such a serious topic, he has a delightful way of presenting thought-provoking and intelligent lyrics, and for “No Free Will” he adopts a fun style not unlike Jonathan Ritchman,They Might Be Giants, or Joe Jack Talcum. As this is a lyric video, you’re given the opportunity to experience and savor the lyrics, which are humorous yet accurately represent the issues surrounding the concept of free will. That he does it all in a very succinct manner makes this a rewarding discovery. Here’s to a very talented young songwriter, may he offer the world more wonderful thought-provoking songs like this for years to come…


One caveat, though: thanks to their name, it is virtually impossible to locate them via search engines; last night, when I heard them for the first time and heard their name, I immediately sought them out, but had absolutely no luck until the DJ posted a link to their Facebook. SEO can be a real bear for a band with such a nondescript moniker. So, please, if you want to hear more, please visit their website which can be found here:

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