Song Of The Day: J Mascis, “See You At The Movies”

Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis has always tucked away gorgeous, thought-provoking lyrics deep underneath is heavy and potent guitar riffing. His solo releases allow him to explore more heartfelt and personal lyrics free from his  powerful electric guitar onslaught.  Elastic Days, his newest solo album, comes out in November via Sub Pop, but judging from debut single ”See You At The Movies,” it is a promising album to say the least. It’s a midtempo country rocker, replete with a fantastic piano line, all contrasted quite nicely with J’s trademark lackadaisical, slightly stoned singing voice. And yes, there is a very tasteful fuzzed out guitar solo for those who like that sort of thing. In other words, J is doing what he does best, performed here with such ease you might think you could do this yourself. (You can’t, sorry.)

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